How to Best Style Your Origin Shirts


If you’ve browsed our selection of Origin shirts, or have even added a few to your collection, you may be wondering how to best style these shirts for casual days and more formal occasions. While styling decisions are very personal and make each clothing piece truly yours, we’ve paid special attention to our cut and length for our casual shirts - just so the modern man can wear it in a variety of different ways!

With this intention, our Origin shirts are designed so that they can be the finishing touch on any outfit – whether you’re finishing up a formal look or perfecting casual Fridays. Here’s how –

  • Our casual fit short-length shirts still have a particular level of sophistication so that you can wear with a dark denim for a classy office attire. Origin shirts, because of deliberate fabric selection, can be easily dressed up or dressed down as well!

  • When worn with shorts, our shirts can be dressed down for a casual weekend look! This may be obvious, but the unique piece with Origin shirts is that they can mold to any occasion.

Often times it’s easy to dress down a piece, but more difficult to dress up. So, here are some tips for how you can easily take your Origin shirt from casual to formal:

  • A growing trend is to wear a casual sweaters on top of untucked shirts - and our shirts are perfect for this. In fact, our low-height, ring-like, concealed button, collar design lends really well to go both Crew or a V-neck sweater equally.

  • For an effortless yet sophisticated look, pair your untucked shirt with casual, unstructured, blazers. The length of our shirts exactly match the length of European-style, short length blazers, and hence make for an excellent complement.

Our latest collection offers a variety of classic shirts that can be styled to your personal liking – whether that’s dressed up or down! Tag your look on IG and FB with #DressOrigin and receive 25% off all products and free shipping.

Remember we always offer risk-free returns.