Caring for Organic Cotton

You may or may not be familiar with the impacts organic cotton may have on your body and the environment, but we’re sure that you familiar with the fact that nothing lasts forever – whether that be your favorite shirt or best pair of jeans!

Even though nothing lasts forever, many things can last longer if we know how to take care of them! So with that, this week, we wanted to share a few tips so that you can make sure your Origin shirt remain a timeless staple in your closet.

Tip 1: Cleaning

To increase the longevity of your Origin clothing, the most simple tip is to machine wash per label instructions. Beyond this though,  when it comes to drying your items - while your Origin shirts will not shrink during the drying process, the best way to take care of your clothing is to allow your clothing to dry as naturally as possible.  If this simply isn’t an option, dry on low and do your best to not overheat as well.

Tip 2: Separate your Darks and Lights

Our eco-friendly dyes are just as long lasting as any other dye on the market, however as any other items, they will fade when bleaching agents are used. We recommend that to preserve the quality of your Origin shirts, you do your best to not mix dark colors with light ones, in case dyes bleed.

While our tips are not all encompassing, we hope that with our two-cents you can make sure your Origin essentials last a bit longer and remain a timeless staple in your wardrobe!