Button up or Button Down?


To most of us, button up and button down shirts are the exact same.  Looking at a men’s shirt from the eye of its wearer, we can get a better look at the intricate details behind a seemingly simple shirt.

To a gentleman, a button down is easy to wear, versatile and can be styled with jeans.  On the weekend it's a classic and for the 9-to-5, it’s a staple.

Now, let’s take a look at what the actual difference is between button up and button down shirts:  

The key detail in button down shirts are the two buttons that help keep the collar in place, and in a button up shirt - the collar lays more freely allowing for a more relaxed look. Often times, a button up shirt may lack a collar and have a looser structure than a button down, making it a challenge to style at a typical 9-to-5  - but still a good choice in a short sleeve format.

Button downs are a staple in every gentleman’s closet. Pair it with your favorite denim and open collar, you’re ready for a night out.  If you need to look sharp, add a well fitted blazer and the single cuff, european classic fit design of Origin shirts will have you looking your best!

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