4 Fun Ways to Reuse Your Origin Bags


If you’ve shopped with us, you may have seen how we secure and ship our products to you – with each purchase, your items arrive in our signature black, reusable, cloth bag. This bag is our commitment to reduce waste and to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

While we understand that you may not leave your fresh new shirts folded away in the bag, we appreciate and understand the need for reusability. With this intention in mind, we’ve produced our bags so that they can take on a new life after they reach their final destination! We’re sure there are plenty of creative ways that you can reuse our signature Origin bag, however here are some of our very own ideas.

1. Shoe Bag

Whenever we’re traveling, or even packing our gym bags in the morning, we may find ourselves reaching for a plastic bag to store our work shoes or running shoes within. If you find yourself in this situation, your Origin cloth bag is a great shoe storage bag.

2. Electronics & Cord Bag

These days whenever we’re on the go, it’s likely that we’re traveling with one, if not more of our electronics – from our smart watch, phone, laptop to tablet, we have to plan for their charging cables as well! Sometimes our wires get lost within all of our other belongings, and sometimes they just get left behind. Your Origin cloth bag can also be utilized to store all of these things whenever you’re on the go.

3. Laundry Bag

Whether we’re on a quick weekend getaway or a longer journey, a problem that plagues us all when traveling - where and how should we store our dirty laundry? Sometimes we get lucky in that our travel accommodations will provide us with a plastic laundry bag, however with sustainability in mind, your Origin cloth bag doubles as a laundry bag. 

4. Wine or Gift Bags

While it will be extremely difficult to part with your 100% organic cotton Origin bag, a great way to reuse this bag is to pass it along to someone else. Insert your favorite bottle of wine or a scented candle and the Origin bag protects either in transit and looks great as a gift bag.