2 Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton Clothing


As consumers, how often do we take the time to consider the impact the clothes we wear have on our bodies and the environment? Chances are, unless you’ve really taken the time to think about it, these things do not affect your decisions on the regular. It’s easy to forget, but there are really two simple reasons that you should keep in mind when purchasing new items, and to make a special consideration for organic cotton clothing.


Organic Cotton Puts Our World First

Photo by: Janko Ferlic

Did you know that fast fashion is an industry that generally leaves the environment extremely polluted in its attempt to keep up with new trends? As consumers, we greatly benefit from brands that allow us to replicate the looks of the runway that can be easily afforded, however these brands cost our environment a great deal. Since most of us don’t see the physical impacts of production, we fail to recognize its effect on the world.

However, with organic cotton our environment is protected. Organic cotton crops are treated without pesticides and genetically modified organisms, and not only do they decrease the harm faced by farmers and workers, but also our entire wildlife ecosystem. What does this means for our environment? An improved quality of land, less water contamination and the preservation of biodiversity.

We may be aware of brands taking their production labor to communities in Bangladesh and Indonesia due to low costs - but what is often hidden is the truth behind how terribly the community is hurt by this production. In most of these areas, garment operations and textile mills have left waterways extremely polluted with chemicals and pesticides. This impact isn’t restricted to just the water, but as time goes by, the air and soil start to also pose a public health hazard as well.

With so many factors already putting our environment at risk, by making the decision to shop organic, you can do your part in protecting the world!



Organic Cotton Treats Your Body Right

Photo by: Atithi Prajapati

Another aspect that we as consumers often neglect to think about is how exactly our clothing affect us. It’s true that our fashion choices are a big part of our personal branding - however, it’s also possible to treat our body right and still look great.

Did you know that clothing made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester, spandex, rayon and lycra all contain toxic chemicals that have the potential to pose serious risk to your health? In most garments, over 8,000 different chemicals are used in production and with daily exposure, can contribute to increasing the burden on our bodies.

The harmful effects of non-organic cotton and fabrics are visible in daily lives; rashes, irritated skin or headaches can be caused by something as simple as chemical residues left in clothing fibers.

To be the best possible version of ourselves, we need to take into consideration how we treat our bodies, and how shopping organic can lower the burden we face on the daily, without sacrifice our comfort or style.

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