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100% Organic: No fine print

At Origin, we are dead-serious about making environmentally conscious apparel. Not only are our shirts made with 100% organic cotton, but we’ve also made sure that every stitch is also organic. Unlike other brands that only use the minimum 51% organic cotton to be called “organic”, we want to make sure our customers do not have to read any fine print to understand what they are getting. Aside from using organic cotton and organic raw materials, we only select fabrics that use environmentally-friendly, low-impact dyes.


Fair Trade Production

Weaving high-quality luxury fabric out of raw cotton is an art form. That’s why we only source our fabrics from the finest Italian & Turkish mills. Bolts of this fabric then travel to our production unit in rural India where our team of highly-skilled local workers proudly give it the final form. At Origin,  we don’t just believe in fair treatment of our staff, but are committed to their socio-economic empowerment. This commitment ultimately reflects in quality of our products that is both visible and tangible.


Design & Craftsmanship

We are totally paranoid about the little details. This means our shirts have undergone extremely low tolerances in our design, supply chain, production and quality-control processes. Our shirts have: 

  • Shorter, sleeker collars with hidden buttons so that the collars look effortlessly upright
  • Shorter cuffs for a more controlled roll-up
  • Concealed button plackets for a crisp formal look
  • A sharp European cut

These details define our point-of-view on a modern man’s shirt styling.



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